Trekkers Went to Mt Lanaya

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Hit Bocaue One More Time: A bittersweet feat

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Trekkers rushing to the peak.. The journey without struggles won’t let you taste a nearly so sweet victory!  The journey is what brings us happiness, sometimes it’s excruciating, sometimes it’s stunning, but most of the time you can’t appreciate it when you don’t have a little mix of both.…

Mt Kandungaw: Chasing the Grandiose Multi-peak Sierra

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foureyedlaagan @the pinnacle of Mount Kandungaw The biggest challenge that each one of us is facing is not someone else. It is the exhaustion in our lungs, the pain we felt from our burning legs, and the voice within telling us that “we cant”. The key is not listening,…

Bocaue: Funny One More Climb

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View at Bocaue Peak It has been the normal that we only had just one trek per month but this one is an exemption. This climb will be the last pre-climb for The Club’s first Major Climb in Mt Talinis. The purpose of the climb is to test and…

Lanigid Hill: There’s more fun in the Love Month climb

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Lanigid Hill (300+ MASL) The second NCR Trekkers Club monthly climb was at Lanigid Hill. As planned, the first quarter climbs will be the easy ones, warm up climbs per se. The hype of extending the outdoor experience to other individuals triggered the early invitation that was sent out…

Mt Naupa : The First NCR Trekkers monthly feat for 2016

       The monthly adventure of the club for the year 2016 kicked off with the warm up trek to Mt Naupa with 41 participants; 20 NCR Trekkers and 21 guests. Among the 41 participants, 30 had chosen to camp overnight while the rest had just a day trek.     Mt Naupa Specs:  Trail Class:…